ECN System

The Fortex ecn platform system provides immediate access to Tier-1 liquidity from all leading money center banks. Increase immediate, low cost Straight-Through Processing (STP) of your orders at razor thin spreads, along with strong trading characteristics unmatched by another FX platform out there. Get realtime streaming rates that are executable from more than 50 liquidity suppliers for over 80 international money pairs along with CFD, electricity and metal items. Hosted in a committed facility at Equinix NY4, the Fortex system runs on a completely redundant, carrier-class IT infrastructure for always-on accessibility. Hotswap attributes on network infrastructure and essential network servers suggest that Fortex is never removed from service. Complete redundancy along with a community footprint in Asia as well as popular back-up in Silicon Valley make information immediately recoverable if needed.

By effecting percentage rates on trades completed on behalf of customers eCN brokerages derive earnings. While an expense is presented by the commission, this type brokerages still often provide better value for the money complete. Because of the theory of commission in contract, several ECN agents favor customers with minimal deposits that are substantial, pushing possibly money-making customers a way. Customers that may lose their investments in the broad spreads and do make the cut have the drawback of being unable to call and set stop-losses made accessible using using the agent’s networks.

Choosing the most advantageous form of on-line forex broker to meet your trading requirements will usually be determined by which kind of trading method you would rather make use of. Furthermore, the level of trading capital which you have offered to work with in your standard trading frequency as well as your trading account may be factors that are significant. Many dealers also would rather avoid utilizing market-makers because of the possible conflict of interest included as well as the non-clear pricing they provide that can lead to an execution on a trade in a cost from the prevalent marketplace.

An ECN agent is a forex economic professional who utilizes digital communications networks (ECNs) to supply its customers direct access to other members in the money markets. Because cost quotes are consolidated by an ECN agent from several industry participants, it may usually offer its customers bid/ask spreads than would be accessible to them. It can not trade from the customer, a claim frequently directed against some unscrupulous forex agents since an ECN agent simply matches trades between industry members. Digital communication networks agents bill customers a fixed fee per trade because ECN spreads are substantially narrower than those employed by regular agents.