Our Mission

The Sports Careers Foundation for the Development of Careers, Education and Employment Opportunities in Sport globally!

We will launch the SCF in  2013 with the following charitable purposes which are for the public benefit ….

  • To offer a FREE online recruitment solution through our Recruitment Partner’s website www.sportsindustryjobs.org to all stakeholders in both Amateur and Professional sport from candidates to Governing Bodies, Suppliers, Sports Clubs and Sporting Organisations.
  • To promote jobs and employment opportunities in sport and to open these to all sections of the community with particular focus on women in sport, all ethnic groups and social inclusion
  • To provide an online careers advice service and access to jobs in sport to Elite Sports people when they retire or end their careers in professional sport and want to remain within a sporting environment
  • To promote education & career development opportunities for all as well as delivering careers advice through an online careers advice portal with LIVE CHAT ADVICE, mentoring, interviews with key people working in sport or Q&A sessions
  • To promote the opportunity and ability to be able to travel and work in any sport anywhere around the globe

We know that the Governing Bodies and Stakeholders in sport are all busy promoting employment opportunities in their own sports in their own country or region and we at SCF aim to assist with this.

Thanks to our Recruitment Partner we can offer one independently run central location on the internet where stakeholders in all sports can come and use the service to promote their jobs, internships, work placements, courses or events, conferences or expos for the benefit of the global sports community.

SCF exists to support and promote individuals who are either looking for a first time role in sport or those already in sport and who want to progress their careers.

Sports Mentors will be available to assist and offer hands on advice and support to people in addition to our Sports Ambassadors who also assist with the promotion of carer opportunities for people in both amateur and professional sport.

The Sports Careers Foundation is to be a registered charity in the UK limited by guarantee which enables us to support initiatives to improve the prospects of the community in the UK and globally in finding employment or furthering their career development.

The Sports Careers Foundation, amongst other things, will financially support projects that creates employment opportunities for the less advantaged sections of society and the promotion of employment and educational opportunities for all ethnic groups in the community!