What We Do

The Sports Careers Foundation has been launched to offer a FREE online and personal service to anyone looking for a job in sport or looking for information on study options or personal development options that will help them with a career in sport.

Launched in 2013 its a new charity that I hope will benefit the public and offer an ongoing, long term benefit to all who visit the site.

The Sports Careers Foundation offers a wide ranging service to those  looking for jobs in sport that includes:

  1. offer a FREE online careers advice service where frequently asked questions are listed with answers to help provide an online library of advice to visitors
  2. Careers consultation and one to one advice. This is usually done over the telephone once we have received your CV/Resume. We try to point you in the right direction once we know more about you and your skills, qualifications and experience
  3. CV and cover letter writing help. We are not professional CV writers but we can help you with the basic layout and content of your CV or cover letters
  4. Grant giving – once we have built up our charity fund we aim to offer grants to those that need to develop their skills through courses or by attending development conferences or seminars
  5. Access to information on sports courses at undergraduate or postgraduate level.
  6. Attend careers days at universities or colleges to promote jobs in sport
  7. Attend sports conferences or seminars where we can promote job or internship opportunities for the stakeholders in sport.
  8. We act on behalf of the many stakeholders in sport to help promote any new initiatives they have or careers development opportunities in specific sports
  9. To promote jobs for women in sport and opportunities for all ethnic groups as well as any LGBT initiatives.
  10. Promote opportunities in social inclusion in the community
  11. To offer a FREE online recruitment solution through our Recruitment Partner’s website www.sportsindustryjobs.org to all stakeholders in both Amateur and Professional sport from candidates to Governing Bodies, Suppliers, Sports Clubs and Sporting Organisations

We are here to help you!!

We cant do this on our own so if you are interested in becoming a careers advisor, mentor or an ambassador or fund raiser we would love to hear from you

Welcome to our site and thanks for visiting !

Efrem Leigh